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If there is one thing that can be counted on in the state of Colorado it is the unpredictability of the weather. The range crew spent days at the Colorado Rifle and Pistol Club building their first State MultiGun Championship only to see it demolished on Thursday night after a vicious rain and wind storm tore through the area. Barrels, both plastic and steel were launched 100 yards over the back berms, walls were torn apart and hurled around the range. The steel support leg on one wall was bent at about a 40 degree angle. The steel is nearly .25" thick !

Many of the RO's were due to shoot the match that day, but instead found themselves rebuilding the stages and draining the lake that had appeared on one of the berms. After several hours of back-breaking work they were finally able to shoot the stages, though not all the RO's were able to do so.
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The rain stayed away overnight allowing the berms to dry out and the competition started on time the following Saturday morning as approximately 80 competitors from the across the USA descended on the range.

Match Sponsor, Team Noveske were ably represented by Jansen Jones and Rob Romero, the latter dominating the Heavy Metal division to finish over 110 points over Michael Payne, JJ Johnson would finish in third.
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It was another fine win for Don Bednorz in the Open Division. Using shotguns equipped with huge auto-loading devices, this division is starting to resemble a Terminator movie, sans the bad acting and questionable plot devices.

USPSA Area 2 Director, Chris Endersby was unable to catch Don finishing just under fifty points behind the leader. Craig Calkins was third.

Like Janet Jackson, Don Bednorz also suffered from a poorly timed 'wardrobe malfunction' that nearly ended his match on Stage 5. After grabbing the shotgun he ran down range with his belt dangling on the left side of his body.
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The holster did its job and retained the handgun (magazine inserted, chamber empty). Don was able to brace the handgun while finishing off the shotgun portion of the stage.

It was a tight match in the Tactical Division with the top three shooters finishing with less than 3% between them. Eric Miller shot his way to victory (again) with a 24 point lead over Michael Atha who edged Geoff Lawhorn into third place by just over half a point. Lawhorn's disappointment would not last long…

John Beazley dominated the Limited division beating Tom Brua and Kirk Jameson by over 110 points.

Once the match was concluded it was time for the Shoot Offs that were run in a 'Bracket Racing' format. The stage was set up with Shotgun, Noveske Rifle and finishing with a handgun. All competitors would use the same rifle for this stage which the winner would keep. The sixteen competitors (the top eight from Stage 3 and a further eight chosen at random) were then given the opportunity to walk the stage and then estimate the amount of time it would take them to complete the run. If their actual time was faster, then they were eliminated, the top eight shooters who were closest to their estimated time (without going under) advanced to the final round.

Dan Troxel finished at the top in the first round but was unable to repeat that performance in the second round.

The video of the top 8 are shown to the above.

After the conclusion of the Shoot Off it was time for the prize table, a second Noveske Rifle was up for grabs along with another from Stag-Arms. There were numerous other prizes some of them approaching $1000 in value. The generosity of the match sponsors was clearly evident.